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Cargo carriage of the company Don Logistic

The freight forwarding company Don Logistic offers the following types of cargo carriage:

Sea carriage

Sea carriage of cargo is the shortest way of shipment. In many cases (insular areas), sea carriage of cargo is the only way of everyday shipment of cargo, fuel and equipment, not counting the extremely expensive air transport.

Carriage by road

Carriage by road is an indisputable part of shipment of any cargoes, since even when transported by sea or railroad, the carriage of cargo from the place of discharge to the warehouse is the most often effected by road. But, being a composite element of combined shipment, cargo carriage by road is also widely spread as an independent type of services.

Carriage by rail

The possibilities of carriage by railroad transport depend on the presence of railway tracks and nodes in a geographical point; however, due to the great branching of the railway network, they are almost omnipresent.

Air carriage

To date, air carriage is the fastest way to ship cargo to the most remote corners of the planet. Its only drawback is the high cost.

Multimodal carriage

Multimodal cargo carriage is used when there is no route for a single type of transport between the points of dispatch and destination, or (e.g., in case of air carriage) when it is economically impracticable.

All these types of cargo carriage can be both stages of multimodal shipment and independent means of shipment on certain routes of cargo transportation.

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