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Air carriage of cargo with Don Logistic

Air carriage is speed. The modern world and modern business cant be imagined without air carriage.

With air carriage of cargo, mankind has obtained many new opportunities: rapidly deliver perishable materials, products and goods to the destination point; rapidly send aid to the disaster area; settle in remote areas, where it is impossible to deliver life necessities by other modes of transport.

Thanks to cargo carriage, people have gained time and overcome distances.

Advantages of air carriage of cargo:

  • speed of delivery of cargo
  • possibility to ship cargo to any point of the planet
  • lack of restrictions on weight and volume of cargo
If a great advantage of air carriage of cargo in general is the high speed and the possibility not to be dependent on land transport routes, the advantage of air transportations with the freight forwarding company Don Logistic is an individual work with each client, accuracy in fulfilling the obligations of delivery and competitive prices

By ordering air carriage of cargo in the freight forwarding company Don Logistic, you get these advantages and a range of necessary services.

We carry out the delivery service in the format which suits our client: to the door or to the destination airport. If necessary, we grant cargo insurance and present the information concerning the location of cargo at each moment of time, during the whole period of shipment.

Types of air carriage of cargo

The freight forwarding company Don Logistic provides its clients with all existing types of air transportations:

  • international air transportations
  • domestic air transportations
  • combined air transportations

International air transportations

The freight forwarding company Don Logistic carries out international air transportations to the countries of Asia: China, Japan, South Korea, and worldwide.

International air transportations are connected with the export or import of goods, and we accompany this type of transportations with the full complex of customs services:

  • export and import customs clearance and declaration of cargo
  • delivery of cargo in the domestic customs transit regime

In addition, upon the clients request, we carry out cargo acceptance at the consignor; provide its storage at the warehouse, as well as packaging, marking and assembly of new pieces of cargo.

Domestic air transportations

Domestic air transportations are the transportations carried out to any points of Russia.

The carriage of cargo from/to Moscow has a great share in our activities.

Combined air transportations

Combined air transportations are the transportations, where shipment by air is complemented by shipment by road.

Air carriage with Don Logistic is an individual work with each client, accuracy in fulfilling the obligations of delivery and competitive prices!

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