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Carriage of cargo by road with Don Logistic

Carriage by road is an indisputable part of shipment of any cargo, since even under carriage by sea or railway, the cargo is the most often shipped from the point of discharge to the doors of the warehouse by road. But, being a component of combined delivery, the carriage of cargo by road is widely used as a separate type.

The freight forwarding company Don Logistic is ready to offer you both types of services.

Advantages of carriage by road:

  • high speed
  • possibility to carry out shipment even to the most remote and inaccessible places
  • possibility to transport any types of cargo and low price

Depending on the clients needs, Don Logistic carries out:

  • container transportations
  • carriage of complex and oversize cargo by road

In the case of shipment of complex and oversize cargo, we use specialized transport and reliable schemes of securing of the cargo developed by us.

Alongside container transportations, it is also possible to ship combined cargoes across Russia.

The companys services

In the sphere of carriage by road, we offer our clients the following types of services:

  • consulting the clients on choosing the most suitable route of shipment of cargo
  • delivery of cargo in the format to the door i.e. to your warehouse, office, store or other specified address
  • supervision of the process of loading to the container or car, and full compliance with the stipulated terms of shipment
  • cargo escorting services
  • protection of goods in transit
  • drawing up of insurance
  • execution of customs formalities, with the involvement of the customs applicant

Types of carriage by road

The geography of car services rendered by us is wide; it includes carriage by road across Russia and combined transportations from/to the countries of the Asian region.

Domestic carriage by road

Domestic carriage by road is effected to all cities of the Russian Federation.

Alongside delivering cargoes in the Far East and the Siberian regions, we carry out shipment to the European part of the country, including carriage by road to Moscow.

Combined carriage by road

Combined carriage, including air, railway and road transport, is also a popular service provided by Don Logistic Co. Ltd.

Combined carriage is convenient for international delivery: the cargo is delivered by plane from abroad, and then, it is carried by railway or road transport. Such type of carriage is also indispensable for the delivery to remote areas.

The convenience of combined carriage also consists in the fact that it is effected under a single agreement.

Carriage by road with Don Logistic is accuracy, speed and care of your property!

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