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Sea carriage of cargo with Don Logistic

The sea is an ancient partner.

Sea carriage of cargo has a great share in the activities of the freight forwarding company Don Logistic. We carry out both multimodal international transportations, coastal transportations and transportations in the Direct Mixed Railway and Waterway Connection DMRWC inside Russia.

Sea carriage is a very important means of shipment of goods. Often, it is the briefest way of shipment. In many cases (insular territories), sea carriage of cargo is the only way to ensure the everyday shipment of goods, fuel and equipment, not taking into consideration the extremely expensive air transport.

Of all the modern modes of transport, sea carriage of cargo is the most ancient one; mankind has been using it for many centuries.

The company Don Logistic is located in Vladivostok a major commercial seaport of the Far East of Russia; this is where most seaways connecting Russia with the foreign partner countries are situated. Therefore, sea carriage has a great share in the total amount of transportations carried out by the company, and is the most well-tried scheme of cargo carriage (although in most cases they act as part of multimodal carriage)

In this case, our advantage is the favorable geographical position at the point of transshipment, an interlink between the carriage by rail and by sea, which, in its turn, allows to optimize and accelerate the process of embarkation of containers and heavy machinery on the ship on the basis of the first turn to the ports of Korsakov, P.-Kamchatsky, Magadan.

For and against sea carriage

In the global economy, sea carriage plays a key role, thanks to its efficiency, since it allows to transport large volumes of a wide variety of cargoes, and is not expensive.

Advantages of sea carriage

The advantages of sea carriage should also include an extensive geography of seaways, thanks to which many international transportations by sea are carried out worldwide. Indeed, the organization of sea transportations doesnt require building roads seas and oceans have been created by nature itself.

Disadvantages of sea carriage

Among the disadvantages of sea carriage of cargo, the most important one is its dependence on the weather conditions. Unfavorable weather in the region of route of transportation is able to change the delays of delivery. As for the risks of losing the cargo or having it damaged, all carriers carrying out sea transportations are obliged to cover it with insurance.

Optimal: sea container carriage

All types of cargo can be transported by sea transport: goods, equipment (including the large-size, the oversize ones), dry substances, and liquids.

Specialized ships exist for certain types of cargo, however, sea container carriage has gained a wide popularity in the recent years. Under this type of carriage, cargoes are transported in standard containers, without being reloaded at the points of transshipment.

Sea container carriage has allowed to optimize the logistic processes and reduce the delays of delivery of goods; today, it is the most popular type of both coastal and international sea transportations.

Types of sea transportations

There are three types of sea transportations: coastal (inside one country), DMRWC and international sea transportations, also called multimodal, since, in addition to the water segment of the route, the cargo is also shipped by other modes of transport.

International transportations

International transportations are set up from the countries of the South-Eastern Asia, America, Europe to the ports of the Far East, with further shipment across Russia.


Cabotage transportations are carried out along the Far-Eastern coast and to the insular territories, as well as to other ports of the Russian Federation.


DMRWC is the direct mixed railway and waterway connection; we effect cargo carriage to the locations, where there is no railroad, by inland water, sea and road transport from the clients warehouse to the final destination points.

We would like to draw your attention to a well developed order system. It is worth noting that, when the cargo is sent under the DMRWC system, the documents for the transportation are drawn up on the station of dispatch. Thus, one can avoid many difficulties.

Don Logistic has a great experience in organizing sea container transportations, which allows us to carry out deliveries within the optimal delays and without any additional expenses for the clients.

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