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Multimodal cargo carriage with Don Logistic

In the sphere of modern delivery of cargo, multimodal transportations occupy a key place. International transportations have the greatest demand for this type of carriage.

Multimodal carriage is the delivery of cargo, with the use of various modes of transport, under a single agreement with a transport company. Such domestic Russian, and more often international cargo carriage, is applied, if there is no route for one mode of transport between the dispatching point and the point of destination, or (e.g. in the case of air transportations) when it is economically impractical.

Multimodal transportations make largely effective the use of containers. Containers allow filling them with cargo in the dispatching point, and discharging them only upon arrival to the point of destination, without any reloading at the points of transshipment the points where the route direction or the mode of transport are changed. In such transshipment terminals, only the containers themselves in the sealed form are reloaded.

Multimodal international cargo carriage is the core activity of the freight forwarding company Don Logistic.

We specialize in multimodal transportations

We specialize in the shipment of cargo by sea transport from Japan, South Korea and China to the ports of the Far East, and its further shipment to all cities of Russia.

At the ports of discharge, the transshipment is carried out to the railway cars or open box cars, in the case of further shipment by railroad transport, and to the specialized truck transport, when choosing this type of delivery.

We carry out multimodal carriage of containers, cars, special equipment and various oversize cargoes.

Advantages of Don Logistic:

  • Since this type of international transportations belongs to our everyday practice, we have numerous well-tried routes and proven multimodal carriage schemes.
  • At the same time, we work personally with each client, and therefore, we carefully analyze each concrete situation and the clients needs.
  • Then, depending on them, we develop an optimal route for the transportation of cargo and offer the most efficient combination of modes of transport, and calculate the cost of services.
  • In addition to the carriage of cargo itself, we offer the full complex of services connected with multimodal transportations, including the international ones. We accept for transportation the goods from your suppliers abroad, and, if necessary, we carry out the consolidation of cargo (formation of consolidated cargo), document all the phases, operations and procedures of the international transportations of cargo, involving our clients in the customs clearance.
  • Shipment from China, South Korea and Japan is carried out by sea containers, without any reloading at the points of transshipment, which allows us to reduce the delays of shipment or provide our customers with competitive prices. This is favored by the efficient combination of sea, road and railway transport.
  • Stable partnership with many major carriers gives us the necessary flexibility in choosing the schemes of delivery and the most advantageous conditions for our clients.
  • In order to reach higher efficiency of work with the clients and monitoring of the transportation of cargo, we provide our customers with the mechanism of tracking the transportation of cargo on the whole route of its shipment.
  • The delivery of cargo is effected to the doors of the warehouse to any specified address in Russia, to any point of destination of cargo.
  • Insurance of cargo is an additional service which we provide at the clients request.

Multimodal carriage with Don Logistic is an individual work with each client, accuracy in fulfilling the obligations of delivery and competitive prices!

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