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Carriage of cargo by rail with Don Logistic

Carriage by rail is an integral part of cargo transportations, especially in Russia the country with a large land extension. The possibilities to transport by railroad are determined by the presence of railroad tracks and nodes in a geographical point, however, thanks to the high branching of the railway network, they are practically omnipresent.

Advantages of carriage by rail:

  • regularity of traffic
  • high speed of delivery
  • reliability low cost

There are many types of carriage of cargo by rail: carriage in cars, open box cars, on platforms, in railway tankers, thermos cars etc. Container carriage is also widely spread nowadays.

Individual selection of services

By trusting the carriage of cargo by rail to the freight forwarding company Don Logistic, you get a wide range of services. First of all, this is the development of an optimal scheme of shipment of your goods by railway, in accordance with your needs and tasks.

Relying on a great experience and knowledge in the sphere of carriage by rail, the specialists of Don Logistic LLC will offer you the most rational route and delays of delivery, and will advise you on the type of carriage and calculate the cost of the transportation.

Today, using carriage by rail, we carry out shipment in the format from the door to the door and from the door to the station of destination, among which you can choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

If you order the shipment from the door to the door, we:

  • serve a container or a car for the loading at the consignor
  • carry out transportation of cargo by rail
  • accept the cargo at the station of destination
  • forward the cargo to the address of the consignee

If you order the service from the door to the station of destination, we execute for you only the first two stages. If necessary, we also carry out loading and unloading of containers or cars.

During the whole time of transportation of cargo, we keep track of its carriage; the clients also are able to perform the everyday monitoring of location of their car or container until its arrival to the station of destination. The package of services also includes the full insurance of cargo from the moment of its reception by our freight forwarding company until it is presented to the consignee.

Container carriage by rail

The core direction of the activities of Don Logistic LLC is container carriage.

Container carriage is the most practical type of cargo carriage. Thanks to the versatility of containers, they can be easily carried by many modes of transport: sea, road and, of course, railway.

Almost everything can be transported in containers, and they are suitable for any volume of cargo, since combined containers are formed for small pieces of cargo.

At the point of dispatch, the cargo is placed inside the container, is secured and closed inside it, if necessary; it is possible to seal the car in the presence of the customer. The sealed container is not opened during the whole time of carriage, being reloaded at the points of transshipment in the closed form, which significantly increases the logistics of shipment. The container is opened only by the consignee himself.

Container carriage is fast and reliable.

Advantages of Don Logistic in the sphere of carriage by rail

  • Don Logistic LLC owns a protected area of 30 000 sq. meters, 30 km away from Vladivostok, for the storage of containers, special equipment and oversize cargo.
  • We also render our services of storage of cargo at the covered warehouse facility.
  • The work of the staff of Don Logistic LLC is characterized by high qualification, accuracy, responsibility and attention in respect of every client.

The transportations of special equipment and cars have a great share in the overall volume of carriage by rail performed by our company. The experience shows that container carriage is optimal for the carriage of cars. It ensures their safety and protection from precipitations and other external impacts. If oversize special equipment is transported by cars, we use our own schemes of securing, which are rational and reliable.

Carriage of cargo by rail with Don Logistic LLC means optimal delays and costs, ease of interaction and confidence in the safety of cargoes.

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