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The freight forwarding company Don Logistic welcomes you!

Don Logistic Co. Ltd. is a freight forwarding company created as a structure in 2009.

The company Don Logistic is located in Vladivostok (Russian Federation), a major transport node and a favorable geographic point. The freight forwarding company consists of young and energetic employees having precious experience in logistics and international carriage.

A well-organized team, business communications and a quality material and technical base allow us to serve our customers at the highest world standards. International carriage and multimodal container transportation occupy an important place in the activities of the logistics company.

Success factors


Constant monitoring and transparency of movement of the goods at all levels of the supply chain.


Rapid data exchange between the client and the forwarder in the on-line mode.


Innovations and Creativity in the process of optimal placement of cargo on the vehicle, taking into consideration the delays of loading.

We ship cargo from/to Japan, China, South Korea, America and Europe, providing our clients with the full complex of services of international and domestic Russian logistics, particularly the following:

  • formation of full and combined container loading abroad
  • customs clearance of cargoes
  • declaration of goods export, import and transit
  • domestic Russian transportations, including those in the mode of direct mixed railway and water connection.

In addition to the classical scheme of shipment of 20-feet and 40-feet containers, the scope of activities of Don Logistic includes the transportation of cars, special equipment and oversize cargo.

Dynamism, Responsibility and Innovations are the factors allowing us to deliver goods from point A to point B without any additional expenses and difficulties for you!

The companys services

The freight forwarding company Don Logistic offers its cargo carriage services

Our priority area is the multimodal carriage from the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region, with further shipment from the port of discharge to the cities of Russia.

Being the logistics company of full cycle, we work in the format door-to-door delivery and take upon ourselves the full complex of measures in regards of cargo transportation:

  • reception and preparation of cargo for shipment
  • optimal placement and securing of cargo inside the container or vehicle
  • drawing up of documentation at all stages of transportation
  • cargo insurance
  • safekeeping of cargo
  • transshipment in the points of change of direction or type of transport
  • freight forwarding.

Types of carriage

Responding to the needs of Russian business which actively co-operates with the countries of Asia, the logistics company Don Logistic specializes in multimodal international transportations from Japan, South Korea and China. This means that the cargo will be shipped to the point of destination by subsequently changing different modes of transport, which makes the scheme of delivery the most optimal on the given direction. Each multimodal carriage is effected under a single agreement with the client.

In order to organize the carriage, we use sea carriage, carriage by rail and road, as well as air carriage. All these types of carriage can be both stages of multimodal transportations and independent means of shipment on certain routes of cargo transportation.

Logistic schemes

The dynamic style of work of Don Logistic shows its efficiency every day, thanks to an individual approach to each client. The managers of our freight forwarding company will offer you, depending on your needs, the optimal route of cargo transportation and the most effective modes of transport, and will advise you on the delays of shipment. Rational schemes of cargo placement are developed for each vehicle, taking into consideration the intermediary transshipments and the order of discharge. The logistics company Don Logistic bears full material responsibility for the cargo during the whole time of its transportation.

A distinctive feature of our style is the complete transparency of operations with cargo, either container carriage or other types of shipment. In order to achieve it, the forwarder regularly exchanges information with the client which, thus, has the possibility to perform constant monitoring of cargo in route at all stages of transportation. Besides this, the freight forwarding company provides the full report on the expenses of delivery, including all types of executed operations.

Additional services

In order to secure the necessary degree of reliability of transportation or solve a difficult logistic problem, the client can choose from a range of additional services provided by the company Don Logistic. Cargo insurance is the most important of them. Besides this, at the clients request, we develop individual schemes of securing of cargo in the containers or other vehicles, and carry out securing in compliance with the approved scheme. The quality of works is supervised by a surveyor.

The additional services also include the following:

  • safekeeping of cargo in a protected area or a warehouse
  • formation of combined cargoes abroad, in China and South Korea, re-completing of pieces of cargo after crossing the border, and their further shipment across Russia
  • selection of customs applicant for international transportations, depending on the nature of cargo
  • customs clearance of cargo in shortest delays and at the prices of risks or lower.

Material and technical base and success factors

A high-quality developed agent network in all foreign countries favors efficient and rapid transportations by the company Don Logistic. In order to organize safekeeping of cargo, we have a protected area of 30 000 m2, 27 km away from Vladivostok, with railroad sidetracks. It is used for containers, special equipment, oversize cargoes. We also store minor and combined cargoes in the conditions of covered warehouse spaces on the territory of the port of Vladivostok.

A huge success factor of Don Logistic is a well-organized team of professionals and a highly qualified staff at all levels of interaction with the clients and cargoes.

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